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"If a hotel offers an EV driver the chance to charge up overnight, that’s where they’re going to stay."


Hotel & Hospitality Charging

Pay As You Go Card transactions are built into our chargers
The only thing you'll need to manage is the extra bookings

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There's almost one million electric vehicle owners in the UK.

Turn your hotel into their dream destination  – and create a brand new revenue stream in the process.


Parklive's EV Revenue Calculator For Hotels
Everything you need to understand how long customers will be with you and to predict what you will from EV chargers. 


You already know your guests search for features like free wifi, gym access or proximity to desirable locations when booking. They are now adding EV charging to that list.

So it's not just a question of "Will EV charging generate more business..?" ...if potential guests use EV in a search filter, they won't even find you.


Booking sites already exist that only list hotels with EV charging. The rest are catching up fast. Ultimately, no one wants to spend their trip searching for a charger. Now is the time to act...

The good news is you can still get the government to pay for chargepoints. And better still EV Charging will not just bring more customers, it should bring in enough revenue to more than pay for itself... and Parklive can fund it for you now.

Grant Funding

The Government have extended the WCS grant scheme to help hotels, guest houses (including holiday let properties) and holiday parks (including caravan parks) to install EV Charging. It allows for up to 75 per cent of the cost of buying and installing chargers to a maximum of 40 chargers - a potential grant of £14,000.

Grant Funding : £350 per charger (or up to £850 per charger for staff only charging bays).

Top-up Finance

Parklive offer top-up funding through our exclusive network of finance partners dedicated to enabling green initiatives like yours.

These have been specifically designed to be affordable and to help you install immediately.  By spreading the cost over a 5-7 year period,  your user revenues is likley to offset repayments and any maintenance costs long before that - even with a relatively small mark-up.

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