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Parklive T&Cs


These T&Cs form the agreement between you and us: a) you are the person who has ordered the installation of an EV charge point via our website, or have been referred to us by a Partner, or have contacted us by any other means in order to arrange the purchase and/or installation of an EV charge point. b) ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ is Parklive Ltd (trading as and or as Spark Life Electrics Ltd). Our address is Parklive, 4 Lonsdale Road, London, NW6 6RD.

You represent and warrant that you have the right, authority and capacity to accept and agree to these terms on behalf of yourself or the entity that you represent. You represent that you are of sufficient legal age in your jurisdiction or residence to use or access the services and products and to enter into this agreement.

Other conditions

Parklive can transfer any of our rights or obligations under this agreement without your permission. However, you must not transfer your rights or obligations under this agreement to anyone without our permission.

If we need to give you a notice for any reason in connection with this agreement, we may deliver it by hand or use the postal address and/or email address you have provided us with.

If we send or post notice to you, it will be assumed that you have received notice after two working days.

If we deliver a notice to you by hand or by email, it will be assumed that you have received notice immediately after it has been delivered.



Our terms and conditions cover what is included free in your standard install and what happens if we need to quote for extra works.

Sometimes issues arise on the day that mean we can’t complete your install on the first visit, but if we know about these in advance, we can often resolve them beforehand.

So for the best experience, if you think there’s any reason why we might not be able to complete your install on the day, please let us know.


Once we receive your full payment (or deposit if you are paying by instalments), we will ask your Distribution Network Operator (referred to below as “DNO”) to provide the go-ahead for your installation. If they do not do so within four weeks of request, our contract will automatically end and we will make a full refund. 

If and when we get the go-ahead from your DNO, we will contact you to arrange an installation date and time. If you cancel the installation less than 48 hours beforehand or are not present when we arrive, you agree to pay us the cancellation fee stated in our quote. Once the cancellation fee is paid, we will contact you to reschedule. 


Standard installation package for the Home chargers covers the majority of homes in the UK and includes the following:

i) Fitting of your chosen charger to a solid wall, or to another suitable permanent structure.

ii) Up to 10 metres of cable, run and neatly clipped to the wall between the electricity supply meter / distribution board and the charge point.

iii) If required, cable can be run through up to 2 drilled holes in walls (maximum thickness of 500mm per wall).

iv) The fitting and testing of electrical connections and protections required for the charger and in line with the BS7671 wiring regulations.

v) An additional three way single phase consumer unit, if required subject to available means of isolation for the purposes of connection to your installation and a suitable point of connection.

vi) Installation of a Type C MCB and a Type A RCD in an RCBO enclosure.

vii) Up to 3 metres (10 feet) of plastic conduit to conceal interior wiring.

viii) An earth rod in soft ground, if required.

ix) The Charger must be located in your designated off-street parking area and be fixed at a height where it can’t be hit by a vehicle.

x) We can’t fix the cable higher than 1.8 metres (6 feet) above the ground. If fixing higher than this is unavoidable then the installation may need to be paused - in that case we will quote for any extra work needed.

xi) We can’t, as part of the standard package, trench the cable underground or suspend it above ground - if something like this is required please ensure that this is highlighted during the virtual or in person site survey so that a quote can be provided in advance. If we find out on the day that we have to cross a garden or a pathway we may need to pause the job and quote for the extra work needed to trench the cable. In the event that this causes a rescheduling of work, administration fees will apply along with any other applicable costs, as set out in this agreement.

xii) When you are using your charger the EV charging lead must remain on your property and must not create a trip hazard for you or anyone else.

xiii) We can’t run cable under floorboards or through ducting / ceiling voids / wall voids without a draw cord (to pull the cable through), or if the floorboards have not been lifted. We can’t take responsibility for reinstating flooring or other building materials after the cable has been laid.

xiv) Our experts are not able to work in crawl spaces, on roofs or in lofts if it is deemed unsafe by them.

xv) Our experts are not able to work in extreme weather (i.e. flooding or intense rain). If it is not safe to carry on, our expert will do as much as they can and we will return at a later date.

xvi) If you have purchased a freestanding mount for your Charger to be fitted on please be aware that there may be an additional cost for installing this.

Suitability of existing installation

Parklive follows IET BS7671 2018 Amendment 1 Regulations and NAPIT guidelines on all of our Electric Vehicle charging installations.


Installation bookings are scheduled on the basis of the information you have provided us, either verbally, via email, via physical documentation, by any other means or specifically via the virtual site survey carried out on or by any other means.


If prior to or during the course of the installation it becomes apparent that we are unable to install your charger in line with BS 7671 regulations, or in a manner that Parklive deem to be safe, then your installation will be paused and Parklive will provide you with a quote for the work necessary to meet the required BS7671 standards.


You are free to have your own contractor carry out the necessary alterations. Your installation can be rebooked or cancelled, subject to any administration or other charges and or conditions set out in this agreement and once Parklive have received satisfactory evidence that the requirements of BS7671 have been met. Normally this would be done by the provision of appropriate certification documentation covering the relevant work, or equivalent.


Suitibility of incoming supply

Parklive will be unable to install your charger if the main fuse on your incoming supply is not rated to support the additional current demands of charging your electric vehicle.

The rating of your fuse is checked during the course of your virtual site survey as carried out on however it is only possible to record the rating stated on the fuse casing via a visual inspection. If you are in doubt about thie rating of the actual fuse inside the declared rating on the casing, then you are responsible for confirming that the fuse inside has not been replaced with a lower rated fuse you’re your electricity supplier.

In the event that the fuse rating is not rated to support the new installation, it will be necessary to rebook your installation once the supply has been upgraded by your electricity supplier. Rebooking may be subject to administration fees or costs as set out in this agreement.

Parklive will not be liable if the rating of the installed fuse does not match the declared rating on the fuse casing.  


Olev Grant Eligibility

Using our online “Grant Eligibility checker provides a general a guideline to your likely eligibility for the OLEV/OZEV grant and is not a guarantee that you will qualify. Nor does completing the Online Application process on (powered by or being told by one of your team that you appear to meet the criteria constitute a guarantee that your application will be accepted by the government. The Government criteria are subject to changes which are beyond our control.

Parklive will take all reasonable measures to help you meet the terms of the OLEV /OZEV grant and will help with your submissions, however it remains your sole responsibility to provide accurate information & documentation demonstrating compliance with the conditions for the grant. The most up to date details of the application criteria are available on the government website::  

Parklive is accredited by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) to access the EVHS grant scheme. The EVHS grant subsidises the cost of installing a residential electric vehicle home charging unit for owners or primary users of electric vehicles.

The grant allows Parklive to reclaim £350 towards the cost of installing your home charging unit, provided it is supplied and installed by Parklive and you hereby agree to give Parklive permission to apply for the government EVHS grant on your behalf. You agree that you may be contacted in the future by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) or its agents to conduct a random check.

You can deduct the value of the grant (£350 or any applicable alternative) from your overall supply & installation cost at the point of purchase on or via any other channel. However, should the application be refused for any reason, this amount will become due and must be paid in full. Parklive will otherwise retain the grant towards the overall cost of your installation.

Parklive are entitled to suspend your installation if there is any issue with supply of or eligibility of the required information.

If the application for an OLEV grant is rejected for any reason, you agree to pay Parklive £350 (or any applicable alternative grant as per the time your order was made) within seven days of notification. The charger and all other equipment forming part of the charger installation remains the property of Parklive until payment has been made in full and remain entitled to remove or decommission and of the equipment. Once payment has been made in full and/or any shortfall has been settled, you become the owner of the charger.

Once the Charger has been installed and commissioned by Parklive, you are responsible for it being used in accordance with these terms and conditions, including, but not limited to: a) following the manufacturer’s instructions and any other oral or written instructions we give you; b) not misusing, neglecting, tampering with or damaging the charger (including by disassembling it); c) not attempting to, and not allowing any third party to carry out any repairs, replacement, modifications or alterations on the charger in any way; d) ensuring the space surrounding the charger is suitable and safe for use, as instructed by us or our Installers.

Manufacturer guarantees
The Chargers and related equipment we sell and install may be subject to a manufacturer’s guarantee. If so, please read the terms and conditions of those guarantees.

All Chargers are subject to a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. Please read the terms and conditions of those guarantees.

A manufacturer’s guarantee does not affect your legal rights as a Consumer. You can get advice about your legal rights from your local Trading Standards office or Citizens' Advice Bureau.

Using your Charger

Once we have carried out the installation of the charger at your property you are responsible for it being used in accordance with these T&Cs, including, but not limited to:

i) following manufacturer instructions and/or any other instructions given to you either in writing or in verbally.

ii) not tampering with, misusing, disassembling, neglecting, or otherwise damaging the charger.

iii) not attempting to, and/or not allowing any third party to, carry out any repairs, modifications or alterations to the charger of any kind; d) ensuring the location and area around the charger is and remains suitable and safe for use, and as such the instructions of our installers are adhered to.

You are responsible for selecting the correct connection type for your electric vehicle. If you are unsure which connection is correct for your vehicle it is your responsibility to check this with your vehicle manufacturer before allowing our installation to take place; we cannot be held responsible if you select and allow us to install the incorrect connection type for your current or any future vehicles.

Problems faults or defects

In the event of any defects arising in the charger, which are caused by faulty design, manufacture or Installation, we’ll use reasonable efforts to rectify those, either through repair or replacement at our discretion, provided you have complied with your obligations under these terms and conditions and the defect is not caused by circumstances outside of our reasonable control. This does not affect any mandatory rights or remedies you have under consumer law.

If you experience faults or problems with the charger you must inform us via email on the following address as soon as possible providing us with the date of installation, the serial number of the charger, and a brief description of the fault and our support team will get in touch with you to diagnose the problem and arrange a support visit if necessary. In addition to this you will also follow any specific requirements set out by the manufacturer of your charger which may be necessary to preserve the terms of any manufacturer warranties.

Reliability of Services

You acknowledge that any third party or manufacturer supported services relating you the use of your charger, including smart functionality, software products or services, remote access, mobile applications or notifications, are not immune from error or 100% reliable or 100% available. Proper functioning of the services relies and is dependent on, among other things, data transmission via your wi-fi network, enabled wireless device (such as a phone or tablet) and broadband internet access, or optional mobile phone backup service, for which neither Parklive nor any home charger manufacturer is responsible.

You acknowledge that these services may be interrupted, delayed, refused, or otherwise limited for reasons, beyond the control of Parklive and / or our partners. You understand that Service Interruptions may result in the Services being unreliable or unavailable for the duration of the Service Interruption.


Service Interruptions

No refund or rebate. Third party services may be suspended temporarily, without notice, for security reasons, systems failure, maintenance and repair, or other circumstances. You agree that you will not be entitled to any refund or rebate for such suspensions. Parklilve does not offer any specific uptime guarantee for software and services relating to the Charging hardware that we install.


System Requirements

Software services and smart charge functionality will not be accessible without:

i)  A working Wi-Fi network in your home that is positioned to communicate reliably with the charger and other connected hardware.

(ii) an account

(iii) an enabled and supported wireless device, such as a phone or tablet (required for some features and functionalities or services)

(iv) always-on broadband Internet access in your home with bandwidth sufficient to support the Products you use; and

(v) other system elements that may be specified by Parklive or the device manufacturer.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have all required system elements and that they are compatible and properly configured. You acknowledge that certain services may not work as described when the requirements and compatibility have not been met.

If you modify, substitute, move, or otherwise change any of the required system elements, it is your sole duty and responsibility to be sure they are compatible and properly configured to work with the products and services provided or installed by Parklive and / or our partners or equipment manufacturers. In addition, you acknowledge that Parklive or the manufacturers of your equipment or software provider may activate Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet, with or without prior notification, in order to facilitate proper operation of software or smart functionality, enable communication with other products services or devices connected to the same installation and / or user accounts.


Agreement termination

We may terminate this agreement at any time if you breach any of your obligations under this agreement. We may also need to change this agreement due to external factors such as charger availability or changes to the terms of the EVHS grant.

You may cancel this agreement any time during your 14 day “cooling off period”, on condition that Parklive has not already installed the charger and you have not asked us to or agreed to us starting work before your 14 day period has ended. The 14 days is from the day after this agreement and for 14 consecutive days following that date.

If you have requested installation to start before the end of the cooling off period, you can still cancel within the cooling off period, provided installation is not complete. However, if you do cancel after booking work to start you will be liable for the costs of any work performed up to the point of cancellation.

If you cancel this contract with 24hrs notice or less, or after work has started, we will charge you an £85 rebooking fee and/or any reasonable costs incurred to by Parklive for: a) any work already carried out; b) any goods already installed into your property.

Our Liability

Parklive will not be responsible for: a) any failure of the charger to function correctly, including the Smart Features for a smart charger; b) any costs, loss or damage you suffer as a result of events outside our reasonable control. Matters outside our reasonable control include: severe weather conditions; epidemics; civil disorder; terrorist activity; hacking, tampering or other unauthorised access or use of any third party or manufacturer’s Software or any charger; war; acts or omissions of electricity network operators, and government action; c) any costs, loss or damage you suffer as a result of not using the charger in line with our instructions, manufacturer’s instructions and this agreement; d) any loss or damage to your property (including your property and electric vehicle) as a result of the installation or use of the charger; e) any costs, loss or damage you suffer as a result of your broadband internet connection being insufficient in quality, capacity or speed to support the Smart Charger offer and/or your use of the Smart Charger results in you exceeding the permitted data limit on your broadband; or f) for any loss or damage you suffer caused by us, our Engineer or agents to the extent such loss or damage results from any breach by you of this agreement.

We aren’t liable, whether caused by breach of contract, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise, for any; a) loss or damage that we couldn’t reasonably have expected would result from breach of this agreement at the time you entered into it; b) any loss of business or profit; c) any indirect or consequential losses which you or anyone else suffers.

Nothing in this agreement will affect our liability to you for death or personal injury as a result of our negligence, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

Our maximum aggregate liability (including for negligence and breach of statutory duty) is limited to £10,000 for each unconnected event that we’re directly responsible for, or £10,000 in total for any connected series of events that we are directly responsible for, and which has caused you loss or damage.

Complaints procedure

Complaints can be submitted via our website, over the phone or by writing to us at Parklive, 4 Lonsdale Road, London, NW6 7RH. Parklive aim to respond within three working days of receipt and, where reasonable, to resolve your complaint within 30 days.

Moving Home or Property

If you are moving out of your property, please contact us if you’d like to take your charger with you. We may be able to provide a quote for removing your charger and reinstalling it in the new location. Approved installation is a requirement in order to maintain your manufacturer warranty at the new property.




You give permission for the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, as well other central government departments, Parklive and any software providers & partners involved in the the management of your charger or charging system to access your usage data (anonymously) to inform future policy development.

Other privacy policies are set out in the Parklive privacy policy.



This contract and all terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales and as determined by the courts of England and Wales.

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