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Independent dynamic power management for EV chargers and properties. Enegic provides future-proof solutions for cost-effective and optimized power consumption.

Monitor and optimise power usage at any property | EV & Solar.


EV Charging


 Dynamic Load Balancing up to 900A
for EV charging 

From £198+Vat single phase

& £262+Vat three pase

EV Charging Load Management 

Enegic Provides Dynamic Load Management for single or multi unit installations.
Integrates with:  Wevo, Simpson & Partners, Zaptec, Easee, Charge Amps, Wallbox & via Monta, Clenergy, Sevadis and many more.  


What is dynamic load balancing and why is it a must when installing EV chargers?

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Dynamic load balancing is based on the property's real time power demand. Enegic constantly monitors how much power is being drawn by the building and how much is available for EV charging.
This data is continuously sent to one or more chargers to manage how much power they draw from the overall supply capacity.

Dynamic load balancing thus offers protection against overload, a guarantee that the fastest possible charge will always be achieved and the possibility of reducing electricity costs. 
These makes it a must have option in everything from private residences to  large residential or commercial properties.

Enegic is simple to Install


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