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EV Charging For Staff and Fleets

As an employer, attracting and retaining staff is not as easy as it has been in the past. “Where do I plug in?” will become a common question as you build your team.

​While staff will be upping the pressure on the HR front, your visitors and customers will also increasingly be converting to electric vehicles - long before the 2030 ban on petrol/diesel kicks in.Holding out not only means becoming less attractive to those becoming ever more accustomed to plugging in wherever they park, it also risks missing out on getting the Government to pay for it.

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The Government's EV Infrastructure Grant is available for Businesses installing new cabling and supply for EV charging. While just adding the chargers will allow you to claim £350 per chargepoint.

Parklive will help you understand and claim the maximum grants available for your project and can help arrange finance for the rest if required. This can avoid tying up capital and can be offset via the new chargepoints if users are paying.

Our free EV Project Funding Calculators can estimate grants, costs & offset revenues. Or just drop your details below and we'll be in touch to help with more details. 

Grant Funding

The Government have extended the WCS grant scheme to help businesses install EV Charging. It allows for up to 75 per cent of the cost of buying and installing chargers to a maximum of 40 chargers - a potential grant of £14,000.

Grant Funding : £350-£850 per charger

Top-up Finance

Parklive offer top-up funding through our exclusive network of finance partners dedicated to enabling green initiatives like yours.

These have been specifically designed to be affordable and to help you install immediately.  By spreading the cost over a 5-7 year period,  your user revenue is likley to offset these repayments and any maintenance costs long before that - even on a small mark-up.

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