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Business Charging

For workplaces, carparks, caravan parks, destinations and hotels the pressure is growing to provide charging, but the up front costs can be a concern.  This should not be a barrier.

Parklive will help you plan and deploy a solution that keeps upfront costs to a minimum (or nothing at all), but can provide new revenue streams and make you a more attractive to your customers, members, guests or employees.

Grant Funding

The Government have established the WCS grant scheme to help workplaces, clubs and other businesses install EV Charging. It allows for up to 75 per cent of the cost of buying and installing chargers (up to £350 per charger) to a maximum of 40 chargers - a potential grant of £14,000. Find out instantly if you qualify.

Businesses installing EV chargepoints to off street parking for fleet, staff & visitors :

£350 per chargepoint

Businesses installing EV chargepoints and new related infrastructure for future spaces:

£850 per chargepoint and £500 for each bay prepared for a future chargepoint. 

Hotels & Guesthouses with off street parking installing for the use of staff & guests:

£350 per chargepoint

Caravan & Holiday Parks installing for the use of staff & guests:

£350 per chargepoint

Clubs, Charities & Venues with off street car parks installing for the use of staff & guests:

£350 per chargepoint

Complete Project Funding - Exclusive to  Parklive

Parklive will always help you claim the maximum available grant funding for your EV charging project. But the Government won't pay for everything and the grant funding will not last for long. Delaying could mean missing out on grants altogether as the Government have stated they will end grant schemes at any time with only 4 weeks notice.


With  Parklive, your remaining installation costs can be fully financed and potentially offset against future charging revenue. This means you can install now while grants are still available and offset your top-up finance against the new revenue stream it creates.

We Only Install The Most Advanced Systems

We select our charging systems specifically to help you plan the infrastructure now that will grow with you over time. Low cost 'blank' units can be wired in to provision additional bays for the future. With our systems these can easily be converted to live chargepoints at any time by inserting 'Plug & Play' style cartridges.

The systems we install create unique efficiency by establishing a constant communication  between every individual chargepoint on the network. Therefore, as the number of chargepoints or connected vehicles grows, you can be sure that your power supply will always be fully utilised, but will never become overwhelmed.

The communication network dynamically controls and balances available power between the connected vehicles according to need. The outcome is maximum charging speed for each vehicle, protection from supply overload and no wasted energy.


In many cases this will allow a significant number of charge bays to be installed without costly upgrades to the existing power supply.

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