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    One Year to Go   

EV Grants Disappear : 31st March 2025

Our experts will future-proof your building, design your EV charging system & arrange grant funding

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Residential Carparks:  What Can You Get?

£500 per future connection installed. 
£850 per active charge
point installed

£30k to future-proof with EV infrastructure
£70k to add chargers to your infrastructure.



No Need for a new power supply

There is often no need to bring additional power into the building to supply shared EV charging. Parklive install state of the art EV charging systems for residential buildings. Incorporating Dynamic Load Management to maximise use of existing power capacity.

No Need to worry about who's plugging in

It's easy to control who can use the chargepoints thanks to our simple driver apps and back office management software. Simple to use and give you full control of user access.

No Need to work out who owes what

Payments for electricity used during EV charging sessions are paid for by each driver at the point of use and the funds automatically transferred directly to your chosen bank account.

Watch a Recent Parklive Project to See How it All Works


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