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Effortless Driver Access Management 
and automated billing

Our back office solutions eliminate the workload for property managers with automated payments, control over electricity prices and full control over who can use the chargers.


Effortless Automated Billing

How It Works

Central Supply Connection Parklive establishes a central supply connection, uniting all EV chargers within the community to a central grid, ensuring consistent electricity access for all residents.

User-Friendly App Through our intuitive app, residents can effortlessly track their EV charging activities, initiating or concluding charging sessions with just a few taps.

Automated Usage Tracking Our intelligent technology accurately records electricity consumption during each charging session, eliminating the need for manual oversight.

Instant Automatic Billing Following each charging session, our app calculates the electricity consumed and automatically charges the resident's account in real-time, eliminating the need to wait for monthly bills or grapple with expense reconciliation.


Advantages for Property Managers

Parklive's automated EV charging solution offers numerous benefits for both residents and property managers


Reduced Workload Property managers are relieved of the manual burden of monitoring usage, calculating bills, and addressing billing inquiries.

Transparent Reporting Parklive provides property managers with clear, transparent reports, promoting accountability and simplifying financial management.

Enhanced Resident Satisfaction With automated billing and seamless charging, residents are happier, leading to improved community satisfaction.

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