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For most customers our virtual site survey and telephone consultations are more than enough. However if you have specific challenges, or you would just like the peace of mind of having an expert visit your home and go through everything with you then our in person service could be for you.

Our installation experts will visit your home, check everything in person, advise you on any questions you have about which charger might be best suited to your needs and of course walk you through the grant application.

Should your site need alterations prioir to installation, this will all be discussed and a quote can be provided if required. Should you decide at any point not to go ahead with your installation, any costs for chargers or installation you've already paid will be fully refunded.

In person survey fees will only be refunded if the survey date has not yet been booked with our team, or if it is cancelled with 7 days notice. 


VAT Included
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