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Dynamic Load Management

Enegic offers an advanced Dynamic Load Management solution for property owners and installers of EV chargers and Solar PV systems.

Total power output of the property is monitored in real time. Enegic will report available power output to your EV charger, enabling dynamic balancing of the combined power output for the EV charging and the home. This eneables the charger or group of chargers to respond by limiting or balancing charging demand  and protect the main household fuse from overload.


Multi-Layer Dynamic Load Management

With Enegic, EV network installers can manage different load limits at multiple pinch points by installing multiple networked devices. This offers total load control across for example where the chargepoint is being fed from a garage supply and the installer wishes to set different load limits at the main supply as well as at a grage consumer unit. 

This Multi-layer Dynamic balancing ensures the maximum available power can always be delivered to each connected vehicle. It is simple to set up and performance can be monitored from the app or desktop to aid ongoing monitoring and maintenance.


Solar PV

Adding an additional CT will enable PV generation to be monitored. This can assist with scheduling of charging to enable property owners to make the best utilisation of free energy.



The Enegic requires a wifi connection.

Enegic SP16U: Dynamic Load Manager, Single Phase, 16mm CT, USB connection

VAT Included

Multi Buy Discount

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