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Forged in the EV capital of the world - Norway, The Easee One is a little sibling to Easee's charge commercial charger - specially designed for home use, but with the same charge robot technology. This is a beautiful looking product, which not only comes in five colourways (Dart Vader, Storm Trooper, Imperial Guard... maybe), but is also a seriously smart piece of kit. There's a built in 4G data connection for a start. This is free for life too, so your charger will always stay smart and online, no matter where you locate it.

The new Easee One includes in built earth fault protection - essential to any home installation for safety and to aviod the complexities of sinking earth rods. Where the Easee One really comes into it's own though, is where you may want to run more than one charger at your property. With Easee's charge Robot tech, you can install up to three of these chargers on a single circuit. The chargers use the smae patented technology as Easee's commercial units to create a virtual network between the chargers. They then communicate with eachother to manage the power distribution dynamically  between connected vehicles. You can control all of this through their free smart app.

Let's face it though, super tech or not - Easee charge robots just look very cool!  

Easee One

PriceFrom £665.00
VAT Included
Body Colour
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