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Residential Building Grants

Government Announces cash for blocks of flats to install EV chargers

£30k Per Block is Becoming available

Parklive can help owners and residents of residential buildings to claim substantial EV chargepoint Grants. Newly announced funding from OZEV suggests up to £850 per charge point will be available as well as additional funds up to £30,000 per building and up to a whopping £900,000 per owner per year towards future proofing infrastructure to enable more chargers in the future. 


Charge Robot System from Easee Charging is perfect for the new funding, building owners can add live and blank 'future units'.

Maximise the grant funding you can claimfor Chargers

The Government’s Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles (OZEV) has announced that it will provide grants of up to £900,000 per year to building owners / developers to provide electric vehicle chargepoints and chargepoint-ready infrastructure in residential blocks with off street parking.


If you own a building with flats or live in a block of flats with private residents’ parking, then Parklive can help you claim upto £850 per charge point and £500 towards infrastructure that enables more charge points to be installed in the future.


Building owners and developers will be able to claim up to £30,000 per building on up to 30 buildings per year. You can benefit if you are a building owner, a resident in a block of flats, or you are a property developer building new blocks of flats for sale.


The Latest EO's Genius chargers will add style to any building coupled with a complete cloud based user management system 

Find the best Product and system for your building

Parklive can help you choose and deploy the best system for your particular block, we have a number of systems that will enable building management to control user access, enable visitor access and manage billing, user charging credit or card payments across a single array of chargers in a single building, or across multiple sites.

We can advise also advise on the available electricity capacity in the building and what options you might have to maximise your charging and grant funding without needing to pay the Networks for more power. With many of our systems this is possible by using load management technology that will make the most of the power available while protecting the supply equipment from overlaoding.

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