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EV System Maintenance

Our EV chargepoint infrastructure plan covers chargepoints, connected blank units & backplates that support future expansion of the system.  

A comprehensive maintenance schedule gives residents and building management peace of mind that potential issues can be picked up before becoming critical and provides regular paperwork to help support any future warranty claim.

Standard Maintenance Package

Monthly remote monitoring,

Includes voltage and performance review, functionality monitoring and reboots, firmware updates or resets where required. 


Annual fourteen point  on-site maintenance check 

Whats included our Maintenance Check:

  1. Visual damage inspection on all hardware.

  2. Functional check of circuit switchgear.

  3. Functional check of chargepoints & internal switchgear (if internal switches present).

  4. IP moisture ingress check on all chargepoints and blank chargepoints.

  5. EV vehicle charge cycle tests at each chargepoint.

  6. Functionality check - EV Chargepoint LEDs. 

  7. Voltage check at each charge point and blank connection unit.

  8. Earth loop (Zs) safety test at each chargepoint & blank chargepoint connection units.

  9. RCD trip time safety test on each circuit & or in each chargepoint (if present).

  10. All chargepoint and blank chargepoint connections inspected for signs of overload or overheating.

  11. All connections checked and tightened in chargepoints & blank chargepoints / backplates and associated junction boxes.

  12. Visible cabling and mounting posts inspected for general signs of impact or mechanical damage.

  13. Warranty reports filed to manufacturer where reporting of an issue is required.

  14. Maintenance report provided to duty holder annually. 

Standard Package Annual Cost 

£60 (Including VAT) per chargepoint per year

£12 (Including VAT) per connected blank unit or chargepoint ready backplate.

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