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Best In Class Charging Systems

Our solutions harness the latest management technology, to conquer common installation challenges. These dynamic systems seamlessly convert residential, workplace, and commercial parking areas into EV fast charging hubs.

Zaptec Pro & Zaptec Go

The Zaptec Pro offers high-powered, integrated charging for residential, workplace, and commercial spaces.

Zaptec Go is designed specifically for domestic use, providing a compact and reliable solution tailored for home charging convenience.

ZAPTEC Pro1 copy.png
zaptec_go_TURNTABLE_v009_1500px_00000 (2)_edited.png
Dual Freestanding Model-NoBG.png
Dual Wall mount noBG.png

Simpson & Partners

Business Series Chargers: Excel in workplace and commercial environments, delivering robust features for high-demand settings. Ensuring reliable, efficient charging solutions for fleets and employees.
7 & 22kW


Home Series Chargers: Tailored for domestic settings, offering user-friendly design and dependable performance for residential charging needs.
7 & 22kW

Avoiding Expensive Power Upgrades

Enegic Power Manager

All of our commercial charging ranges are designed to maximise use of the existing supply. We work with managed backend cloud systems and Enegic Dynamic Load Management to allow each building to maximise charging output using the power already available on site. 

This approach can save many thousands of Pounds that upgrading the power would otherwise add to your project.

Parklive were the first EV infrastructure provider to introduce this solution to the UK market. 

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