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No matter your vehicle nor the mood of your decor, the Zaptec Go has arrived in the UK with absolutely everything in once package.

Forget the fact that you've got a choice of six super stylish colours... or that it's one of the smallest home charge units on the market... and even that it's equiped with inbuilt fault protection for both AC and DC current! This tiny titan can also charge at 22kW.

That's right. Priced competatively against most mid-range single phase home chargers, this mini unit comes with three phase capabiity as standard and at no extra cost. This allows those with a three phase supply available to charge at much faster rates. Couple this with RFID user verification, inbuilt metering accurate to 1% and and compatability with any plug-in vehicle and you're looking at a serious new low cost option for smaller workplace and apratment block installations. Not just for homeowners.

Hailing from the home of the world's most advanced chargers... it's Norweigan engineering offers excellent protection against the elements and a 4G connection built in, so no need to worry about extending your wifi to the driveway - it's always onlie.



Zaptec Go

PriceFrom £615.00
VAT Included
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