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Prices Include Home Plus Charging Unit Plus Energy Meter

The Simpson & Partners put hand made quality and design absolutely front and centre of their messaging. Their Home 7 Plus and the Home 22 Plus offer every safety feature you can imagine, plus a unique shut protection that you probably won't.  For those with a keen eye for design, the options to customise with different colours and finishes are virtually endless with no less than 107 different options! 

The charger includes patented O-Pen fault detection to avoid the need for earth rods and dynamic load monitoring via their energy manager provides both fuse overload protection and solar PV optimisation.

As the newest and probably most stylish charger on the UK's homegrown list, there's a lot of options and quality packed into a very compact unit. All of this makes it a perfect option for home or smaller commercial installations, such as stylish hotels. 


Simpson & Partners

PriceFrom £864.86
VAT Included
Body Colour
Lid Finish
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