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Dynamic Load Management

Enegic offers an advanced Dynamic Load Management solution for property owners and installers of EV charging and Solar PV systems.

Total power output is monitored across three phases in real-time. Power levels and energy values are reported separately, making it possible to control both overall power consumption or the EV charging load across all phases.

Enegic will report available power output to your EV charger or charging network, enabling dynamic balancing of the combined power output and preventing a main fuse overload.


Multi-Layer Dynamic Load Management

With Enegic, EV network installers can manage different load limits at multiple pinch points by installing multiple networked devices. This offers total load control across even the most complex of installations. 

This Multi-layer Dynamic balancing ensures the maximum available power can always be delivered to each connected vehicle. It is simple to set up and performance can be monitored from the app or desktop to aid ongoing monitoring and maintenance.


Solar PV

Adding a fourth CT will enable PV generation to be monitored to assist with scheduling of charging to ensure best utilisation of free energy.



The Enegic requires a wifi connection

Enegic TP16D: Dynamic Load Manager, 3 Phase, 16mm CT pack, DIN connection

VAT Included

Multi Buy Discount

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