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The Hypervolt 2.0 might be the new kid on the block, but this classic in the making is no shrinking violet. It has absolutely everything. From built-in PME earth fault protection, load management to charge scheduling - every feature comes as standard. The cable is built in too and comes in 3 available lengths with a neat cable tidy designed in.

So... great value and great looking, but what really sets this charger apart is the onboard computer. The Hypervolt is the first charger to hit the market taking this approach. Handling firmware updates and upgrades to keep the charger future-proof, the Hypervolt also uses the computer to add a back-up to the physical devices for both earth protection and load management. And it makes it fun too - you can control your charger and it's scheduling settings via an app as you'd expect, but Hypervoly also talks to your Amazon Alexa so why not just tell it to start charging..? or start a disco party with it's LED lightening bolt! 

So - no cable to buy, no worries about future proofing features and total control over functionality - however you chose to communicate with it. 

Hypervolt 2.0

PriceFrom £675.00
VAT Included
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