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Smarter EV Charging Infrastructure

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Grant Funding for Infrastructure

£30k Grant funding available for apartment blocks  £14,000 Grant funding available for businesses

If you live in a flat or apartment block, funded charging is available per chargepoint installed via the Landlord grant.. 

Get in touch and we'll do the rest.

Retro fitting EV infrastructure to apartments or developments with shared parking will qualify for up to £30k funding per building.. 

Get in touch and we'll do the rest.


Businesses, Hospitality, fleets and hotels are key to supporting EV  roll-out. Grants of up to £14k are available per business.

Hybrid Finance

No Deposit : Hybrid Finance £25k - £250k


Complete charging solution installed now.
Maximum grant funding claimed first. 
Remainder spread out and offset against charging revenue.
No upfront costs or personal guarantees required.

We offer full funding to residential building owners, businesses and venues looking to electrify parking. These avoid upfront cost as well as ongoing system expansion

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